NorthWestTrees Gaming


  • Gameplay

    Regular Content

    We make gameplay videos on our NorthWestTrees Gaming YouTube channel. We make this content every season and alternate between our second regular content bing creative content. Each season has a total of 33 gameplay videos. Some past series we have made was Minecraft and Ark Survival Evolved gameplays.

  • Top Tens

    Bonus Content

    Ever so often we make top ten content that focuses on gaming and technology. This is not designed to be regular content because of how much work it takes to think of and make this kind of content. In the future, we hope to make more of this kind of content when we are more established in our channel.

  • Creative

    Regular Content

    The last kind of regular content we make at NorthWestTrees Gaming is Creative content, this content is everything from building games to creative mode where we can let our creativity thrive. Some content that i have done in the past has been the Minecraft Server Build series, Cities Skylines Tropical and more.

  • Tutorials

    Bonus Content

    We also make tutorials that focus around games, such as our Minecraft MCreator mod making tutorial series. However, we have done tutorials on some in-game series such as how to make a drowned capture farm and some other more advanced Redstone tutorials. We try to make this a regular kind of content.

  • Spotlights

    Bonus Content

    We like to give back to the community, and do a spotlight on things like mods, saves, and other content. We generally look for content that is worthy of making a video on to share with the community. The content is basically a free shout-out to random community members. We don't have a set schedule for this content.

  • Live Streams

    Bonus Content

    We have not had the time to do our first live stream yet however, I do want to try this kind of content either on YouTube or Twitch. As far as a date to do this I will want to do the first live stream when I have enough time to spend an hour gaming on top of my regular content that I make every week.

  • Season Intro

    Bonus Content

    This content is always around the first week of our new season, and will talk about what we will be doing in this season for regular content and planned things I will be working on. This will always focus on the channel content and will not feature any important updates like schedule changes or any other important updates.

  • News

    Bonus Content

    This content is always bonus content and not regular content. All important updates that affect the channel or we have to share with you guys like things going on in the gaming community or other announcements are always under our news videos. This also is the video content that will let you know if the content is delayed.

  • Dev Vlogs

    Bonus Content

    This is a new content type we just came out with for our MCreator Minecraft mods, to let people know about updates and planned features for our mod content. This can also be part of maps we make or many other types of content and games that offer some sneak peek into what we have been working on.

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