I was born in Vancouver Hospital on September 25, 1994. My history is complex and has not been the best uprising, I am not looking for sympathy or any prise for my history, the only thing I ask if you walkway from reading my history is that you know that its not impossible to make good choices even with a terrible childhood, I have always done my best to make sure I contribute to society rather than be a problematic child.


Over the years the NorthWestTrees brand has grown a bit more, we have made a few communities for people to become part of our realm. One example is our Minecraft server community Treasure and Chests a public server that we pay for hosting. Another example is our YouTube community for gaming and our soon to come music channel for free music and tasters for paid versions of music we make. The NorthWestTrees brand has always been about the community and we are proud of it.


We work on many smaller projects such as mods to running server however our main focus is on our gaming channel where we make game-related content for our gaming community such as tutorials, reviews and more. We also come out with seasonal series each season of gameplay and creative content on that channel. We have also launched a music channel that we will be uploading music to for our communities to listen to.


Most of the video-related content I make has been self-thought and though tutorials on YouTube it's self. I generally like doing things my way if as it's not what every other channel dose. I am a relaxed kind of guy that takes things at my own pace but can generally learn complex things giving I can find the time to learn it. I have graduated from High school and did not bother wasting money with going to university or college as I had my mind set on YouTube for a career already.