My personal



I was born in Vancouver Hospital on September 25, 1994. My history is complex and has not been the best uprising, I am not looking for sympathy or any prise for my history, the only thing I ask if you walkway from reading my history is that you know that its not impossible to make good choices even with a terrible childhood, I have always done my best to make sure I contribute to society rather than be a problematic child.

My first six years of my life were hell on earth, I had an abusive manipulative, and frankly, a jerk, from my moms account he never wanted me and wanted my mom to have an abortion but, my mom wanted to keep me. I am not sure why my mom ended up moving out of his apartment probably due to relationship problems. However, I became more aware of this time and have more memories after the move. He ended up trying to fight for legal custody over me, and my first six years of my life was unstable due to having to legally go to his house for the weekend when I was there I was beaten and fed foods that I was allergic to at the time. I would come back with bruises and marks.

As I got older I became more aware of everything and it was on my sixth birthday I was on the phone with my father when he was trying to manipulate me to go over to his house for my sixth birthday, this is just after we got back from living on Vancouver Island for a year. I kindly told him where to go, and form that point he had no interest in my life until many years later before I became an adult. From that point on I used him as an example to what I wanted to point my life away from. And I started to build personal values and rules that I would follow some of which I still stand by today. Growing up was hard without having a father figure and I was an only child so all I had was my mom by my side.


Later in life, I made some good friends and having the internet now I am not short of meeting new people and having close friendships. My childhood though most of my life consisted of being bullied at home and in school and unlike in this day and age where the internet was not as large and facebook did not exist yet, it was more namecalling and physical abuse from my peers than cyberbullying. Tames have changed but people have not.

My first real friend was from a school that had ironically the same name as him before I graduated elementary I was going to spend the night over at his house for my first sleepover when I ended up getting E-coli during the day before I could spend the night. Both mom and I ended up getting a rare strain of food poisoning where we are unsure where it came from. We had it for three weeks before we could get treatment. High school was terrible bullying started entering my life again that that point. However, I still had my friend as he graduated and went to the same high school as me. Classes where dull it was very textbook teaching. I was very creative most of my life so this killed me inside.

Later when I got in my teens I moved out to Chilliwack BC, and again bullying was still part of school however it was not at home so it was nice to actually have a more stable environment in my life without bullying. I was introduced to Minecraft shortly after I moved out to Chilliwack and latter met four very good friends online that I was part of. They all lived outside of Canada in the United States but they became family and part of my life. I actually had people to talk to around my age that where not bullies and would stick by my side to the end. I started to see the other side of what people were like at this point in time and I still have contact with two of the four friends I had back then.

Young Adult

My original decision for my career was not going to be a YouTuber, most of my life I wanted to become an architect, but when I got to Chilliwack what changed my mind was some stories of my drafting teach about how stressful the line of work is, I realized that it was not the best career path for someone with high anxiety or OCD as well as ADHD so I looked at other options and ended up going with YouTube as a career path.

I ended up going into a career with no knowledge of film, audio or video editing. I had some knowledge of photo editing for the thumbnail aspect of things but I was going into a career with no knowledge of any film aspect and for the most part, I still don't know tradition methods of editing or recording. I like to think of my self as a freelance creator where I don't do things traditionally. I rather learn from feedback what people like then try to become like everyone else, and the more I learn about YouTube it's self I learn that that is the whole point of YouTube is to be your self and create unique content for your channel. I mean there will be people that don't like my style but I am again not like everyone else.

I would say I know where the rest of my life will lead me, and up to this point in life I had no real-life goal, I mean sure I wanted to finish school and get a job as everyone else does but I did not know I would be going the route of self-employment and going into a career that I had no education when I was in school. The market for gaming is competitive more than ever so it been hard to build an audience, thankfully Klemen at Pylo has been a huge help and we make a good team and provide both of or communities with resources we both need. I don't think I would have been able to get as many views and potential subscribers without the help from Klemen for that I am thankful.