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NorthWestTrees channel was born on Sep 21, 2013. The first series I made was a Tekkit classic series that did not turn out great. I later made an MCreator Tutorial series and then left YouTube for a while thinking that I was not getting anywhere. I checked the channel from time to time and eventually was getting a high demand from people to make more MCreator videos so I decided to give it another run only this time I had 99 subscribers.

As my channel focuses on gaming, I try my best to keep my videos family-friendly and safe for work environments. I came into the industry not knowing a thing about video editing, recording or audio, and I have saved up money from to buy better hardware and software to make content. I self-taught my self everything I know about making videos for my community I try new things out from time to time to save time editing and recording as well as time in my day. I work on content generally between 8 am to 3 pm from Monday to Friday, I had to put a schedule into my work because I started to become a workaholic and it's easy to get stressed out and lose motivation when you overwork your self

The main content (gameplay and creative) has generally been uploaded a month prior to it being published, this gives me time to reupload and publish to Patreon if I remember to do so (I need to get on a schedule soon :P). I publish one video a day for the regular content and the regular content alternates between days (day 1 / day 2) This ensures that I even out episodes on both series (32/33 videos per season). I also have bonus content that I come out with which can range anywhere from 1-3 extra videos a week. I do all the editing and recording my self and narrate my regular content as it saves time when editing and is more efficient for time. Most bonus content like tutorials is in raw form.

Treasure and Chests


Treasure and Chests is our official Minecraft server that we pay for hosting. We are currently running Spigot 1.13.2 for our server. The server is a survival economy server with some plugins that we have found to be nice together. Our server does not require any players to download modifications to play on our server, just simply enter the IP address for the server and join, Spigot will handle the rest of the work.

We wipe our worlds every Minecraft major update to allow new structures and biomes to generate in the world and to fix any potential bugs from updating the server. We only do this once unless something in Minecraft has caused something like diamonds not to generate. We will always give a warning two to four weeks ahead of time to let players know what we will be doing to allow them to prepare for the end of this dimension. If we don't do this then the seed can change if biomes are updated in any way causing chunk borders where new chunks are generated. These cliffs can last for biomes and they look ugly and are hard to navigate over.

Currently, we have the server whitelisted due to not having much staff on the server if any at all at times. If you have any problems you can always contact me via the contact form and I will deal with issues directly as needed. You can also ask to join the server via the contact form just let us know a bit about your server history and provide your Minecraft username so we can add you to the whitelist for the time being. We plan on lifting the whitelist sometime after our YouTube channel reaches 1000 subscribers, we will then focus on this community more and advertise it more and try to get more people on the server.