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Gameplay Series


Gameplay series are generally regular content that we make let's play videos and other relaxed gameplay footage. We switch the content up every season, we also alternate between creative series and gameplay series during the season.

Some examples of games we play are ARK Survival Evolved, Minecraft, No Man's Sky and more. We are constantly keeping our eye open for new games worthy of making series and expanding our gaming collection on our channel.

Top Ten Videos


Top Ten videos are designed as bonus content for our channel, these take a lot of time to make hence why it's not regular content like our Gameplay series. However, we have made some of these videos in the past and want to work on more projects like this in the future.

Some examples of past top ten videos were "Ten things I like about Minecraft" and "Ten things I hate about Minecraft". We hope to find more time to make more content like this in the near future.

Inspiration &


Creative Series


Creative series are generally regular content that we make creative mode videos and other relaxed gaming content footage. We switch the content up every season, we also alternate between gameplay series and creative series during the season.

Some examples of games we play are Minecraft Server Build Series. We don't have much content other than that series at the time of making this page, however, we plan to make more creative mode gameplay in the future.

Building Series


Building series are generally regular content that we make let's play that focus on the building aspect of things like city builders and other building games. We also alternate between building series and gameplay series during the season.

Some examples of games that would fall under this group would be Cities Skylines and Prison Architect due to the building aspect but close to gameplay content. This makes them more inspirational content but building makes them more creative content.

Educational &


Tutorial Videos


Tutorials can be series or just single videos, we consider this as bonus content rather than seasonal content however we do make a goal to come out with a tone of tutorials for the MCreator community.

Some examples would be Minecraft building or redstone tutorials or our popular MCreator tutorials that we make community suggestions into videos if we can make it work. We also put our own ideas to work and make tutorials that we thing the community will like.

Community & Reviews

Community &


Review Videos


From time to time when we have a new game, that we play we will try our best to come out with a review video for the game we had played during the season. The main goal of this content is to promote to the community some games we enjoy.

We take a look at many areas of the game and rate them based on the overall experience in those groups. We then take the rating form the groups and then rate the full game. We are not sponsored by the games and the ratings are based on what we experience.

Spotlight Videos


Spotlight videos are considered a bonus content video, from time to time when we don't have other content to fill in the bonus slot we will look for things happening in the community of one of our games.

Minecraft is a good community to spotlight due to the creativity and what people come up with and the amount of time people build things, however, other games like Cities Skylines also has a great community and may be worth expanding to one day.

News &


Season Intro Videos


Season Introduction videos are a bonus content type we started a while back when we were a lot smaller. The main idea was to give people a quick introduction to the season selection for the content we were going to do that season.

To this day we still keep the tradition going by coming out with a season introduction video around the start of the new season for our community. These don't take much effort to make and are more information then content.

News Videos


News videos are also bonus content, but they are informational content that touches on important events like vacation, cancellation or other channel and community news such as our website or other projects that we work on from time to time.

We generally try to not make a lot of these videos but we do have some announcements to make from time to time and thats what this content is for mainly.

Events Videos


We have not had much time to plan major events like live streams or content due to the number of videos we push out a week. We hope to make more events and start making more community involved dates and events like live streams in the future.

We also may have events for our other communities like our Minecraft server Treasure and Chests that may host building contests, skin contests and more. 

Projects &


Vlogs Videos


Vlogs or Video Logs are a branch of our content that shows new features or addresses things regarding our projects, like news but for specific types of content like our upcoming mod Fourth Dimension.

Using the Fourth Dimension as an example we will show sneak peeks of new content planned features and development footage of our Minecraft modification. Our vlogs will ble like news but more in a rough video log formant.