Textures, Photo & Editing

I have self-taught my self how to create computer graphic images, may it be something like a logo like on the left or backgrounds I have a few years of photo editing behind me. I know about contrast, levels, effects, brightness, hues, and many other things. However, there is always room to improve and master more skills in these areas. When I was six I used to use the paint program installed on windows 98 to make computer backgrounds, and since then I have come very far in this area of work. I use this skill on a weekly basis.

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Audio, Film & Editing

In my line of work, I have had to learn how to record, edit and narrate video clips, as well as some basic sound editing knowledge for improving video audio quality. I have had time to find more efficient ways of working with film and editing them to make video content for my community on YouTube. Like many other skils, I have learned this craft on my own and have no prior education from school on anything I have worked on. I just do what looks right and takes less time to do. Over time I will master this skill more.

Community & School Education

I took basic math (10, 11), and communication (11, 12) as a requirement to graduate, however, I have taken many courses in drafting (8, 11,12, IDS), animation (11), tourism (11, 12, IDS), art (8, 10, 11, 12), ceramics (11, 12, IDS) and Culinary Arts (11, 12). I also took some courses in grade 8 for Woodwork, Drama (acting) and I think I took film however I did not do much in that class nor do I remember anything we learned in that course.  When I was around 8 I had some community corse in Art, Woodwork, and Karate.

Basic Knowledge

There have also been some things I know a bit about over the years I have learned or self-taught my self such as. Networking, Time Management, Social Media, Gaming, Audio and Music, Money Management, Website Coding, and Design. And some other things that I can't remember offhand, I have only lived 25% of my life and I still have a tone of things I can still learn one day. I try my best to remember to share the knowledge I obtain with my communities as it can make the world a better place if I share what I know.

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