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Farm Adventure II is made by Goldorion and a small team for artists. The modification is in alpha at the time of this article, however, the quality of the modification is very nice so far.

The landscape of many of the biomes is nice to walk around in. Due to it being in alpha, there was not a lot of detail on the ground of the biomes.

Entities and bosses are in the mod as well. My favorite entity was the goat. Goats have a great model and texture, there is also a lot of variety of textures for them. Flying entities have some issues at the moment due to limitations in MCreator. I am sure this will be fixed when MCreator fixes the issues.

There are new blocks tools, food, and much more has been added to the modification. Blocks have a great level of detail to them. There are also some mechanics added to the game too. There is a block that allows you to save spawn points that you can teleport to.

For the modification not even being in beta yet, I was very impressed with the quality of the mod. I am looking forward to updating the review when more things have been added to the modification. The mod is worth getting and exploring the new features and biomes.


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Farm Adventure II
Farm Adventure II
Farm Adventure II

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