Whether you want to spy on your friend's house on a server, or you want to keep an eye on your village, CCTV Craft will provide you the tools to watch whatever you want anywhere you want. We have used MCreator to make this complex mod from the ground up. The mod is maintained by NorthWestTrees Gaming. Currently we have limited feature but we plan to add more content and release stable builds as the development goes on.

CCTV Craft - Help

Learn about our modification from our help pages.


Camera Controls

Rotate Camera Right

Press Numpad 6

Rotate Camera Left

Press Numpad 4

Rotate Camera Up

Press Numpad 8

Rotate Camera Down

Press Numpad 2

Next Camera - (Future Plans)

Press Numpad 9   |   This is planned for a future update!

Previous Camera - (Future Plans)

Press Numpad 3   |   This is planned for a future update!

Stop Viewing Camera

Press Numpad 7

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