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CCTVCraft Reborn

mod details

CCTVCraft Reborn is a Minecraft mod remade with MCreator from the original goals and plans for CCTVCraft. The major difference is optimization is in mind from day one and the mod is developed on a new Modloader called NeoForge.

If you're not familiar with CCTVCraft it adds blocks and entities that players can view remote locations. The original mod also added many other security features like alarms and electric fences. Many of the goals I had for the mod will be passed over to this version but better optimized each step of the way.

CCTV Craft Chain Fences
mod content
New resources

CCTVCraft Reborn will be reworking the resource system. Many resources will be possible to be recycled down to resources other mods may use which will help modpack creators have a bit of an easier time with the mod.

Security devices

The plan is to add more security devices and variations of such devices for different materials and stats based on such material this will take more time to develop but will allow the mod to blend in a bit more with the base game.

Custom Energy System

Devices in the forge version lacked proper support for energy, though I wanted to add this in the base mod, forge energy was generally limited and hard to use. For this, I will be working on a new system using NBT variables which will give more freedom for transmitting energy between and to devices. This will also allow me to add my features to the energy system without being constrained to the forge energy model. Inadtion though I will add a converter to forge energy which can convert North Energy (NE) to Forge Energy (FE).

Offensive Systems

Another major goal is offensive devices such as the signal jammer block from the original mod. More devices will be included for each major system that will allow bases to be breached which has always been on my crosshair for the mod.

Mod Settings

By far the most important plan is to add many settings for mod pack creators to customize what can be used and how things work. This will give a bit more freedom over the gameplay of the mod which I know has been a major request from the CCTVCraft community. I want to honour this request and provide more flexibility to the community so more can be changed for mod packs.

AI and Drones

The last thing I want to mention quickly is I will be bringing back drones through entities not blocks, also there will be other drone types that can be crafted to assist in other tasks. Though I am not fully sure how far I can take the AI mechanics for what I have in mind I do want to experiment with adding drones with auto tasks such as patrol routes and other mobile versions of devices. It may also be possible to make transport drones which can haul resources from places between other parts of the base but keep in mind these are just ideas right now and I am not going to commit fully to AI if there are too many issues with what I want to try to implement. However, it should still be mentioned as it would be something in my plans alongside controllable entity drones.

CCTV Craft Monitors
mod faq
Will the Minecraft Forge version still get updates?

No, I am taking my time testing the mod one last time and updating the recipes for the mod for 4.8.0 and 4.9.0 after that it will be considered released for Forge.

Is the mod open-sourced?

No. However, there will be a public repository still for documentation and feedback/support.

Can I suggest a feature for the mod?

Absolutely! I don't design my mods linearly and am open to community feedback and suggestions on the issue tracker over on the public GitHub repository.

When will the first release be?

The first release is to be announced. I am currently wrapping up some things with the Forge version which has been taking some time to work on. Also, limited time for actually working on it and low motivation have slowed it down quite a bit. But once the forge version has the last update and port I will be moving over to the new version for development.

Can I report a bug?

Absolutely! You can use the issue tracker on the GitHub repository to report your bugs. Though not everything will be fixable at times I will try my best to fix any bugs in the next available release.

CCTV Craft Cameras
mod known issues
No known issues!

Hard for there to be issues when the mod is not made yet. XD

mod legal stuff
Credits for the mod!

CCTVCraft Reborn

This is an original mod made by me. However, some credits may be given to a third party if I used third-party tools or assets with permission of course.

Non-associated credits!


The mod is made using MCreator an open source mod generator.


This is the Mod Loader/API MCreator used for this version of the mod.


The soul creators of the game Minecraft.

mod changelog
Will be available on the GitHub Wiki tab.
mod bug reports
Report bugs to the GitHub issue tracker!

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