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  • ​Dimension: How to make a dimension - [basic]

  • ​Special tools: How to make special tools - [basic]

  • Ocean Entities: How to make entities that swim - [basic]

  • Fluids: How to make a fluid like oil - [basic]

  • Stairs: How to make a block like stairs - [basic]

  • Slabs: How to make a block like slabs - [advanced]

  • ​Block generation: How to generate blocks - [advanced]

  • Supply Crate: How to make a block give random items - [advanced]

  • Bamboo: How to make a block like bamboo - [advanced]

  • Multi Structure: How make a block require other blocks nearby - [advanced]

  • Bone meal: How make a item like bone meal - [advanced]

  • Cocoa Pods: How make a block like cocoa pods - [advanced]

  • Sun damage Entities: How make a entity that takes damage in sunlight - [advanced]

  • Jump Damage: How make a entity take damage when jumped on - [advanced]

  • Buckets: How make a item like a bucket - [advanced]

  • Modded Jukebox: How make a block that can play music disks - [advanced]

  • Modded Records: How make an item that plays music in a modded Jukebox - [advanced]

  • Entity Hopping: How make an entity jump like a frog - [advanced]

  • Renaming Items: How make rename an item display name - [advanced]

  • Tree Growth: How make make tress grow. - [advanced] [update]

  • Doors: How make a custom door - [advanced]

  • Doors Keys: How make an item that can open locked doors - [advanced]

  • 4x4 Crafting: How to make a 4 by 4 crafting table - [advanced]

  • Villages: How to make a custom village - [advanced]

  • Energy Modification: How make a block create or use energy - [advanced]

  • Spreadable Blocks: Update the tutorial for 1.14.4 - [advanced] [update]

  • Enchantments On Tools: How to make enchantments on tools when crafted - [advanced]

  • Minecart Or Trains: How to make a minecart or a train - [advanced]

  • Water Mobs: How to make mobs that swim in the water - [advanced]


  • Armor Models: How make armor models - [basic]

  • ​Scaffolding: How to make a block that you can climb- [advanced]

  • Redstone Dust: How make a block like redstone dust - [advanced]

  • Ocean Plants: How make plants that are water logged - [advanced]

  • Entity Trading: How make an entity trade like villagers - [advanced]

  • Boomerang: How to make a block act like a boomerang - [advanced]

  • Progress Bars: How to make a progress bar like armor or health - [advanced]