Terms Of Use

If you are unsure if you can do something that is not listed here on our Terms of use page please contact us before you do it, if we don't reply right away it does not mean its fine to go ahead and do it, it just means we are busy and have not had time to review your message at the given time. You may ask your question on our discord server under the general discussion if you need a quicker response.

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Distribution and Sharing

We don't allow third party distribution or sharing of our mods, files or any linked to our modifications, we strongly advise people not to download our mods form unverified sources as they could contain unwanted viruses or malware. We do allow mod pack creators to use our mod in there mod pack's as long as it does not effect how people see our brand or modification from one doing so

Reusing Files

Absolutely don't reuse any of our files in our modification of other things without permission from us directly. We work hard to make our texture for our mods our models and our ideas and we want to make sure that our brand stays unique and is well represented in the Minecraft community.

Revenue and Profit

We don't allow or agree with people gaining from our work. We have restrictions for servers and mod pack creators that are a bit less strict, in most cases we will be open to working out a business deal if we agree with with the work you are doing on your server/mod pack that can bend the rules a slight bit to still allow revenue but for general use like linking to our download pages with ad-fly to gain profit from ads or selling illegal copies of our mods is strictly forbidden. If you work on YouTube videos like game play series you may monetize your videos without permission.

Video and Images

Recording game play videos or footage is fine as long as it does not ruin our brand or mod brand, You may monetize  your videos on YouTube without needing permission and we don't require a cut of the profit that you make from the videos, Screenshots are fine to use in thumbnails for Videos and personal background, if you share the images though please provide credits of our mod and link to one of our official sites for the mod.


Server may accept donations as usable, if you have any merchandise with our mod brand images of our work we ask that you contact us before hand to get permission for selling and to work out a business deal donations are fine without needing to provide a cut of the revenue but any products sales that are not donations are forbidden unless you have permission from us directly. Server thumbnails and gallery icons are fine to use for promotion of your server without permission, please do not provide your clients alternate downloads of the modifications we own, we have many stable builds that they can get from our official sites.


This is fine as long as you provide a link to our main modification page and credits that is somewhere visible and easy to see. We have no issues with bundling this as long as you get the download from our official sites and do not make and changes to the code or files in the jars without contracting us first if it has to be done for making the mod pack function properly.

Resource Packs

You may make resource packs for our modifications but you may not use our files for other resource packs that are not for replacing our modification's textures or files. You may accept donations for your work but you are not allowed to gain other than donations for profit.

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