Terms Of Use

The following information are rules of using our mods and must be followed at all times, this is legally binding when you download our mod from official or unofficial sources. We hold the right to take legal action or ask sites to take down our modification if you violate any of our terms of use.

Last updated:

July 14th, 2020

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We do not permit anyone to distribute our mod without permission from NorthWestTrees Gaming. Distributing is not limited to the modification jar, it also includes photos, images, textures, sounds, music, documents, names, text, concepts, videos, film, articles, code, and files. We hold the right to ask sites to take down the content or issue takedown notices for violating our terms of use as we see fit.


We allow people to use our modifications in mod packs. We require you to link to our official northwesttrees gaming website page for the mod, you may bundle the mod as long as there is a document stating your are not the owner of the mod and provide a link to the modification home page in the document in your mod pack or zip archive. We should also state you can't make any profit from the mod pack if our modification is included please read our revenue section for more information.


We don't allow people to make money off our work and time we have invested in our projects. Making money off our mods violates our terms of use. Revenue is not limited to selling but also includes: trading, bartering,  distributing, advertisement, mechendise, or any other form that one would gain funds from providing a copy or version of our modification or files with exception to YouTube monetization. See the videos and image section below for more information on your content policies.

Video and Images

You are welcome to record videos series such as let's play for YouTube channels so long as it does not ruin our brand. You can make money on those videos through monetization. You also may take screenshots with our mods and make backgrounds or members so long as it does not ruin our brand.


You are welcome to use our mods in servers so long as you make a public link to our official modification website page. You also may make money through donations on your server.

Resource Packs

You may make resource packs for our modifications so long as it does not ruin our brand in any way. You also may accept donations. You must provide a link to our modification page on your download site.