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CCTV Craft

One of the best mods made with MCreator for security!

Minecraft modification called CCTV Craft showing monitors.
Minecraft modification called CCTV Craft showing cameras and a signal jammer.
Minecraft modification called CCTV Craft showing chain fences, chain fence gates, and barbed wire.

Whether you want to spy on your friend's house on a server, or you want to keep an eye on your village, CCTV Craft will provide you the tools to watch whatever you want anywhere you want. We have used MCreator to make this complex mod from the ground up. The mod is maintained by NorthWestTrees Gaming. Currently, we have limited features but we plan to add more content and release stable builds as the development goes on.

- Monitors
- Cameras
- Alarm systems
- Controllable Drones
- Signal Jammer
- Drone Charging Station
- Solar Panel
- Chain Fence
- Electric Chain Fence
- Chain Fence Gate
- Double Chain Fence Gate
- Barbed Wire
- Block permissions
- Custom name support
- Drone actions and weapons
- Many unique tools for the devices and crafting.
- Many resources for crafting
And much more to come!

Planned Features:
Though these are some of the features I am working on and have listed they are not the only ones I plan to add.
- Drone rework
- More kinds of drone vehicles.
And much more to come!

Minecraft Versions:
CCTV has been in development across many versions of Minecraft so you are able to find builds of the modification on many Minecraft versions.
- Forge 1.20.1 (Latest)
- Forge 1.19.4
- Forge 1.19.2
- Forge 1.18.2
- Forge 1.17.1
- Forge 1.16.5
- Forge 1.15.2
- Forge 1.14.4
And newer updates on future versions!

NorthWestTrees Gaming holds the rights to the content in the modification and what the modification can be used for and how. I hold the right of updating the permissions any time and am not obligated to give warning.

Things you can do with the modification.
- Use in Modpacks
- Public and private use.
- Non-commercial use.
- Record videos and tutorials of the modification.

You may not do the following.
- Make changes to the modification.
- Use the modification harm people eg viruses or tarnish people or brands.
- Redistribute the modification
- Make money from the modification.
- Claim ownership through trade mark or copy rights.
- Patent the content.

This modification is NOT a product of Minecraft, Mojang or Microsoft. All issues would be reported on the GitHub account to NorthWestTrees Gaming.

I strongly suggest not downloading from unofficial sites, I can't guarantee that they will be safe, I make sure all my mods are tested before I release and don't want to harm anyone. Please report any third party sites so I am aware of them, you can do so on the mods GitHub.

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