How to make your own TNT


Kieran Martin


July 24, 2020

Date Updated:

Learn how to a block that turns into an entity when ignited or powered by redstone, the entity will then explode after a delay.


The best way I have found to make TNT in MCreator is to make a basic block than have it turn into an entity, this way it can act like vanilla primed TNT and be used in TNT cannons and have gravity. The only downside to this is it can't flash due to limitations with entity textures.

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Minecraft 1.15.2 | MCreator 2020.3

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Minecraft 1.15.2 | MCreator 2020.3



The latest download has all the files used in the tutorial video.

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Some procedures require local variables added before you import the procedure, all local variables need to be local number variables