Useful Programs

I have made this long list of useful programs that work will with making mods with MCreator, you may find the need you may need a image or text editor or even a modeling program, and for that we got you covered. We have added information for each entry and made sure to include what platform it supports if its paid or free and any additional information and Scorsese the direct link to the official website page.

Image Editors

Paint Dot Net Logo

Paint Dot Net is a free windows photo editor that requires very little knolege on how to use a photo editor, its easy for anyone that knows how to use Microsoft paint or any other image editing software

Paint Dot Net



Gimp is also another free image editor but supports Windows, Mac, and Linux, its a bit harder to learn with all the unique icons but is a good reliable program to work with but will require some time to get used to. If you have windows I recommend Paint Dot Net.

Modeling Programs

Blockbech Logo

Blockbench is a great free program that many MCreator community members use for their modeling needs, it supports entity, projectile, items and block modeling for MCreator and is really easy to use for modeling for Minecraft. Support for Windows, Mac and Linux.


Mr Crayfish Model Creator Logo

Mr. Crayfish's Model Creator

Not as popular as blockbench for modeling but it will get you what you need for making your blocks and items, I am not sure if it supports entity modeling but it is free and supports Windows Mac and Linux.

Blender Logo


Blender is free and good for making OBJ models for pretty much any game including Minecraft mod models, its hard to use even for experienced people with past modeling knowledge but it will allow you to make complex shapes and it supports Windows Mac and Linux.

Audio Programs


Audacity is a free audio editor and file exporter, it allows you to make quick audio editing cropping and noise manipulation as well as export the tracks to OGG format that's used by Minecraft. It supports Windows or Mac.




LMMS is a free music making program, a dimmed down version of FL Studio that allows you to make your own music using built in instruments and sounds, its good for making audio tracks but not sound effects so much. It supports Windows, Mac and Linux.


FL Studio

FL Studio is a paid and professional program for making music its about $200 CAD but you get free updates and its only a one time payment unlike many other software out there, its like LMMS but more for professional work. Supports Windows, Mac and Linux

Text Editors


Notepad++ is only for windows but is free and easy to install and use. Its supports many languages including Java, JSON and many other document formats, its great for editing but not the best option out there but good if you need something free.




ATOM is also a free code based editing software that dose what Notepad++ dose but supports Windows, Mac and Linux, I would recommend using this version but if you need something light-weight and simple use Notepad++ if you have windows.

Archive Programs


7Zip is a free Windows archive program that lets you open JAR files and see or copy its contents. IT does not support Mac or Linux but it does not pop up any ads, its lightweight and easy to use unlike WinRAR.




WinRAR is also free but every time you go to use it it will throw advertisement telling you to buy the product even though its free, it supports Windows, Mac and Linux and dose the exact same things as 7Zip for compression its not a huge difference so your your good either way.

Website Creators


Google sites is free and supports all platforms because it web-based, you can make a basic website for your project for free but are limited to the style, great for people with now web design skills, you can also connect a domain but you will get a google domain by default for free.

Google Sites



Wix is what we use for this website, its free or paid depending on your needs, free plans offer a Wix domain like google but in order to add your own domain you need a plan with Wix. the only down side its free versions have ads but it makes up for it for the freedom you are given with it.

On a side note if you want a domain name I suggest you looking at google's domain provider, its cheaper that what I am currently paying for my domain and may be a good way to save some money if you want to give your site a unique URL domain.