North's Watercraft Mod

About the Modification

This is a Minecraft modification that adds new watercrafts (boats) that you can control and drive. Models are made using Blockbench a free Minecraft modeling program where the textures where used from vanilla Minecraft and made by hand by ourselves. The mod was put together using MCreator a free Minecraft making program that allows you to make all kinds of cool interesting projects like this one. We will be adding more crafts the the mod over time and all of them will support custom colors and paint jobs.

Main Wiki Pages

Our wiki pages will offer an in-depth overview of the mod for specific topics like crafting engines, wheel and much more. Feel free to browse our wiki index page below to find what your looking for.

Coming Soon!


Download our mod directly from our MEGA account. We have a list of version below that you can download our mod for your Minecraft worlds.


North's Watercrafts | 1.0.0

Minecraft | 1.14.4


View some of our screenshots we have taken of our boats and other watercrafts for this modification.