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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Why we have removed our membership fees!

We noticed that many members of the NWT Gaming community would have had a harder type to join because of the join fees. This was never our intention to exclude people from the server, once we became aware of the economy difference we started to find a work around.

You can still help us!

We ended up just remove the fees and are accepting donations in stead. If you want to help us out to pay for the server cost money will be put to saving and help pay for server funding now and in the future. Every bit helps so if you want to help us out feel free but its not required nor do you gain any perks on our server due to Minecraft's restrictions with the EULA agreement.

Submit a join request to join!

Because I am a YouTuber it will make the server a target by proxy for people for griefing and people to join to cause problems. We want to prevent that still and have kept the join request system in place but made it more accessible to people to quickly submit a request to our google docs form. We review incoming requests on Fridays and will approve people at that time.

Your past history

We ask that your honest with us when submitting your join request, we treat every case differently based on its own circumstances, lying in the forum will make things a lot worse if there is issue down the road or short after your on the server. If you have a past history for causing problems and your honest we will follow up with an email to talk to you about it. In most cases we are open to working things out so you can play on our server as long as the rules are followed.

Minecraft updates

With 1.14 just around the corner we will be preparing for another updates as soon as we can get a stable version for all our plugins on the server. We don't know when 1.14 will be available for Spigot but it should take some time for Spigot to update then followed by our plugins updating. We will be wiping the Minecraft world to allow 1.14 features to generate and we will be building a new spawn. You may find some building at spawn that are out of place at the moment due to us making NBT structures for 1.14 This will allow us to easily set up spawn on 1.14 within a day or two.

Any questions?

If you have any questions you can post on our forums for the community and us to help you find your answers, or you can send us a email on our contact form for us to directly get your message.





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