Why is Minecraft So Buggy?

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Point Of View

Over the past two years Mojang has been coming out with more ambitious updates. These updates have been fun and improved many features of the game but at a cost to the community. I will be explaining my point of view of these updates and what I have seen and think who it will impact in the future.

Overdue Improvements

The last two updates 1.13 and 1.14 focused on major parts of the game that needed a lot of love and work ti improved the game in both areas. 1.13 fixed the boring oceans that where so barren and lacked variety but had some down sides like the phantom that effects multiplayer now.

In 1.14 we got a complete village overhaul that improved the look and design as well as mechanics to villages which where needed for a long time since they have been added for sure but the down side of the update was its now extremely dangerous to travel anywhere on normal or hard because of raiders spawn to often. Also they don't care about light levels and will spawn in villages regardless if its lit up or not on normal or hard.

This is forcing servers to lower there difficulty settings to easy to allow for more stable game play, even if they did not spawn in light levels and where a bit less common to spawn in normal this would have been better then just keeping the settings at hard for normal.

Bugs and Patches

I reported a bug for 1.14 and said something around the lines of I wish Mojang tested the game a bit more and did not leave it up to the community do report the bugs upon pre-release or official releases. One of the people that where helping me that worked on the support form said that they wished for this too but had no say in the development.

The problem with the pre-release system is many people just want to play the game before the release and the age group that the game is focused for (not everyone) does not rely understand what pre-released are designed for and its just two much work for many to report the issues to Mojang. Part of development is making sure that you test for bugs and have a stable release as much as possible so people and the community can enjoy the game upon release.

Mojang and Microsoft should work something out to allow more staff or a dedicated team for testing bugs like many other design firms have for game development, if its too much of a burden for Mojang to work on with there small team ask Microsoft for more people to help test for bugs, it will open more job opportunities world wide or even locally and help improve the game quality for the release.

The Impact on The Community

The current system has a high toll on the community in more ways than one. It effects everyone from YouTubers like my self to software developers and mod creators. Even server hosts have been impacted from the updates due to unstable releases and how short of time it is between each update not giving servers time to update or wait for stable releases for there plugins to come out. Some of you may know about Forge, its a platform for mod creators that has Mod Loader and is a great option for Server, LAN and Single player mods for vanilla Minecraft. 1.13 has impacted the forge community due to how close the updates where and how buggy the game was in that update. This in the end impacted many mod creators not just for people that code but as well as programs like MCreator. No stable forge means no stable mods and many developers will just skip over 1.13 because of no stable forge version for 1.13.

This also effects YouTubers and other community groups in the community I generally try to avoid buggy games and will hold off on a series If I know its buggy and unplayable. On the other side of it many people may be looking at HyTale as a new community to join which may cause Mojang to step up there game or cause a development war in the end. Regardless of what the community has to say we have not be herd for many years since Microsoft took over and I feel that its mostly about money at this point for them and how much Microsoft is allowing them to do and restricting funds that are desperately needed for things like testing for bugs which impacts the community.

In the end the community ends up being the victim from another large corporation being greedy and it would not surprise me that many people leave the community for bigger and better things if it dose not improve in the next few years.





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