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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

So I just wanted to fill you in on the changes I have worked on for the website over the weekend. My main focus on the website was the news page and news article pages to optimize the design for mobile and desktop allowing easier access and faster finding of news. I did change some minor other things on the website. Mainly font, and header sizes.

Headline Masters Degree!

Like I said before my goal was to optimize the news pages and fix some things up for those pages over the weekend. I wanted to improve the way the pages look and try some new ideas out on the news pages and get feedback on the page before going about updating the rest of the site to work the same way.

New News Feed Layout

I have updated the news feed URL from /news-home to /news, this adds proper support for dynamic pages which we use to make our articles. The page has a new navigation witch have have improved a tone. Navigation now has one table for links for main website pages where the one below that table has a navigation for recent article with the newest at the top.

New Article Layout

I have updated the news article URL from /news/date/title to /news-article/date/title, this will adds proper support for the main news feed as the news and news articles are set up using two page systems. Articles use a database that I input content to where the news feed is just a regular page.

Flashy Font Changes!

I have also worked on optimizing all pages on the website to have better sized font that fits nicer on mobile and is easier to see and read. I have kept most of the font the same kind.

New Headers

I have added page headers 3 and 4 to have some new feels to them as well as the article headers 5 and 6. Header 1 is used for the page title and has to be the page title to help SEO or Search Engine Optimization find out what our site pages have. We also use Header 2 for our site title.

New Paragraphs

I have also changed the normal paragraph font to spice things up a bit. Paragraphs now have weight classes, paragraph 1 is bold, paragraph 2 is normal and paragraph 3 is thin.

Da Link Realm!

I have also changed some smaller things regarding some other pages some URL's have been updated. I have also added a "All Video Feed" witch will be the main feed in the future people will go to when they click on feeds.

MCreator URL Changes

MCreator now has a new URL called /mcreator that was changed from /mcreator-home. This made more since to have the main page called mcreator so some links may be effected by thin if you have linked to /mcreator-home.

About Us Page Changes

The about us page URL has been changed from /about-us to /about. made more since to have as I can stack more pages onto the about domain in the future if I need to.

Contact Us Page Changes

I have updated the URL for /contact-us to /contact. Again this will help with adding more pages in the future if we expand our channel.

Forum With an S Page Changes

I have updated the URL for /forum to /forums. Again this will help with adding more pages in the future if we expand our channel.

Minor Changes on the Home Page

I added a gallery link for desktop version witch act as a easy way to get to main areas of the website. We will be adding more icons in the future but wanted to get that started this weekend.

New Pages

Some new pages where added over the past week. We added a a discord page, we mainly set it up for a chat option for people to have a easier time to help each other or for us to provide support when necessary. Also we have added a all feed which has all content shown in the feed.


/feed was added to the website this acts as a main feed for all published videos, you can still view each content type via the sub-domain page /feed-gameplay etc.


We have set up a public discord for people to help each other with there MCreator mods and discuss things about NWT Gaming. I will be moderating the server. Before people stat to post suggestions there don't please post suggestion on our forums for MCreator. I will also be opening up a general suggestion for NWT Gaming which will be for the channel website other projects we have going.

Next Weeks Project

Next weekend I will be working on some more pages and optimizing the MCreaor hub and some of its sub-pages.

Main Pages

  • mcreator-tools

  • mcreator-tutorials

  • mcreator-tutorial-pages





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