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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Welcome to a new "Point of View" blog post where I want to start a discussion on the topic of education in our world. As someone that has been that lives in Canada BC, we have an education system that is pretty standard as most other developed parts of the world. And as someone with disestablishes (ADHD, OCD) I can say that school was hard to learn and I did not have many teachers that could provide the attention and time to help me thrive in other topics.

ADHD and OCD are common, many people have it if they don't know it or not ADHD is nothing like that song that was made (blame it on my ADD) ADD (Attention Deficit Disorder) ODD is what the song was more directed at not ADD as I had ODD when I was growing up but have grown out of it over time, ADD has to do with not cant controlling your attention and getting distracted easily, or being very active as like what I have. however, you can imagine this makes it hard to learn in school when many people in the city have this may it be mild amounts or more powerful amounts like my self.

Learning math, and English was extremely hard, which I still have troubles with to this day and as much as I would have loved to learn Java or some other programming language I don't have to concentration to learn that and the only way I would be able to learn it now is through apprenticeship.

Lately I have been talking to my family while going through some old school work I had to do to make room in my closet as I have been holding on to boxes of paper for work I had to do, and the thought that popped in to my head was why do we need to follow that particular system for education, we are at the point in our world where some schools around the world are overfilled with people needing to learn and very little amount of resources for the kids and many don't get the support with there work that they need, and if they are lucky they can afford tutoring to help them catch up on there world to help them improve their skills.

And due to mainly focused things like math, language and science the most important thing that was dropped from the curriculum was life skills, things like learning fundamental skills such as how to cook, time management and money management are skills you have to learn after you graduate and are not taught in school. some would say it would not work and I have to say that with this current system it may not work and it would take years to bring into the classrooms, but even if we were going to teach life skills it still would require more teachers to teach areas that are advanced for many other people.

I think I may have come up with a solution for the main issue for many things, it requires too many things to make this happen, businesses and local governments to help create a new education system for an apprenticeship.

The idea is simple-teach kids the basics such as math English and science until they are about 12 then have them decide on a profession they wish to embark on, for there they are given the resources with local business in the area to teach them the traits of that business.

For example lets take making wood furniture, say Tommy like building things with wood and wants to make real objects, He has now reached 12 and is given a few options and decided to go into woodwork witch ironically there is a furniture factory in the town, he can now go there and be taught the skills of making furniture by hand which now becomes a learned trait that can be passed down to many generations, by the time Tommy says 19 he can decide if he wants to work for the company or set off to make there own business.

Our current school system teaches to much stuff and is designed to focus on many areas which are not always needed in sorting professions such as say furniture, you don't need people to know how to use chemicals if they are working with wood unless it calls for that area, to need to learn in that case it would be up to the business to provide the apprenticeship to skill which takes less work and funding for the government to maintain education less load on staff working in schools due to lower level of students in classrooms, and opens areas to longer-term jobs while kids can focus more on a direct path for a profession.

I was asked so many times in school what do you want to do when you grow up, and my awesome always changes based on my interests at the time, leaving school was a hard transition before I found my true interest which I never even knew was an option and that was gaming and making entertainment videos.

I can't say that this will ever happen, but from my past experience can see longer-term benefits to both business and people that work longer in these professions because the skills can be passed down through generations rather than having kids learn the skills over again every generation.

The only major issue is convincing businesses to not think about there wallet and about the future as there needs to be someone willing to take the first leap to start the system rolling before other major players start helping preserve humanity and future generations.

As an unpaid YouTuber, I think that people that are self-employed would be a good first step to take on this role as they can be more open to helping the world than any major businesses like saying Coca Cola or Pepsi. And yes I would take this role if I had more resources to provide in the current state of my career. And I will be defiantly considering helping people when I become larger and am more secure in my financial life.

Now I pass the question on to you, what is your take on the current educational system and how do you think it could be improved?





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