Minecraft Hardcore Bonus Content

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

About the Bonus Series

I will be making a small bonus series with my friend Thomp. We will be trying to survive hardcore on Java 1.14. We have not had time to make a dedicated series together for a long time, so it will be nice to try to survive with a close friend. When I die in-game I will end the series, that's why its only bonus content. I don't think I can not die on hard mode, but I do have some new knowledge of how to survive in hardcore now.

The World Map and Version

I will be using the seed HeroBine for the seed it seems to have a good starting location with some shelter but I will not be staying in that location. We will probably move a few blocks away from spawn and set up a base nearby. We will be using 1.14.1 or any snapshot that has the least amount of bugs, if 1.14.1 is not out we will be using the least buggy pre release.

Video Release Days

I will also be moving bonus videos from Monday to Friday. This will help with spotlights and more regular bonus content for prep the day before. I will be recording the episodes on the weekend then releasing the content on the next Friday for the hardcore series.

Do You Have any Tips?

Comment below if you have any tips that will help with survival in the Java version for Hardcore. I have played on Normal but never on hard so I am a noob when it comes to this difficulty. I know zombies can break wooden doors but if you want to help me survive tell me some tips in the comments below.





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