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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Minecraft mod called More Blox showing Acacia Woodpile
Upcoming feature!

About More Blox

One day you decide to become a logger in Minecraft. Soon before you know it you're out of inventory space, and now you have to make the long journey back to hour house to drop off all your wood you just mined over the course of three days because your inventory is full and food supply is getting low.

But then you remember I have food I just need still and a new and better way to store wood. You place down some woodpiles and then right-click them with the types of wood you have to store them. Now your problem is solved you have food you forgot that you had packed and you have lots more room to chop down the entire forest until its a barren wasteland.

Future Plans

I have been working hard at implementing a new system I have named interactive blocks. How interactive blocks work as is the player does something in the game with the block to add the block or item to the inventory. The block will then update its state to show more or fewer items depending on how many items are stored in the block.

The idea was inspired by an old mod I had in my Ark Survival Evolved series where it would show a ruff percent of how full the block was for storage in resources. Same idea but the different game and a lot more work to set up. The block above has 10 inventory states from Empty to full and can rotate four directions making the model have 40 block states.

Time To Develop

The time it takes to develop just one block and all of its block states takes about 33 hours to make the acacia woodpile. Due to the amount of time, it takes to put into the mod, I started to make snapshots for beta builds before release, this way new content can still get out if people want to use the mod before beta release versions.

As you can imagine development is slow with only one person working on the mod, when there is modeling, texturing, and then making the blocks do what I need them to do while keeping the files sorted so I can find them easier it becomes a lot of time to work on this particular mod.


I have set up a mod page on MCreator for the mod it's self, I will be posting only full stable builds on that site.

MCreator Mod Page

Beta builds and road map for the next release can be found on the following forum on our website. Post suggestions in the comments on this forum.

Official Mod - More Blox

Our development blog can be found on this forum page. This just lets you know how the development is going and what we are working on next.

Dev blog for the More Blox mod





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