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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

So as development moves on, and weeks pass, I have worked on more custom models for the mod using Cubik Studio. I thought I would give you guys a sneak peak of the custom block models I worked on over the past four weeks and see if you guys have any feed back on the models and textures.

So our first model is the potato basket. It has been redone and may need some work done on the layout of how they are displaced however the textures of the potatoes are good to go.

More Blox Minecraft Mod Potato Basket

The second model I made was for carrots, I have played around with some layouts with the space inside of the basket to try to get the best layout while making the basket fill to the top.

I came up with this texture and model.

More Blox Minecraft Mod Carrot Basket

The third basket I worked on was for apples, I got the idea how to make a apple while making the potatoes stand up like they are and I wanted to combine the knowledge from the carrots using extra models and add some extra detail for the apples.

More Blox Minecraft Mod Apple Basket

The fourth basket I worked on was nothing special it was just beetroots and I already knew how to make apples so I change the color and added a two by two top to give the beetroot some extra detail at the top.

More Blox Minecraft Mod Beetroot Basket

The fifth thing I worked on was wheat. I used three custom meshes to give dimension to the model and I did my best to make the model unique but still stands out when you look at it, while keeping it obvious that its what it looks like. I used the carrot layering to technique to fit all the wheat in the basket.

More Blox Minecraft Mod Wheat Basket

The last thin I worked on was the melon baskets, and I think out of all of them this is my favorite basket block. I got the idea when making apples for how I could display the melon slices, I could not use the layering to technique because of the dimensions how I wanted the melons however I came up with a potato like model that is four by six by four and has a chunk of the melon out of the side of it, this makes it look different then a full melon block.

More Blox Minecraft Mod Melon Basket

Over all I like the way every thing came out, the only thing I think I need to change is the potato basket for the layout of the potatoes. I think when I do change them, It will have the same layout as the melons above, this way it will fit in with the other baskets.

If you have any feedback let me know in the comments below what you think of the models textures and layouts.





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