More Blox Release Date For 1.1.0

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Development Factors

As time gets closer to the Woodpile blocks getting completed I have been thinking more about just releasing the version 1.1.0 with just the woodpiles. There will be time in the next update to work on the food that I have prepared.

One of the things that I have been thinking about is the time it takes to develop one block, I want to make sure that the updates don't release fast but I also don't want them to short either.

So I have had some time to think about just releasing the woodpiles on not this week but next week so around July 12th, 2019 the mod should have a stable build. One thing I should note now is that the old mod blocks will be removed in the new version so if you have items stored in your world in any of the blocks in 1.0.0 then you should consider unstacking them back to item before you update.

Its always a good idea to back up your worlds when adding, removing or updating mods to make sure that your world does not get corrupt or items get removed or rolled back etc. You can do this by going to your .minecraft folder and copying or even zipping your world so and making a folder in your main .minecraft folder or saves folder called backups and keeping them stored there.

I will be working on Oak Woodpiles this week, and then next week I will be working on the Spruce Woodpiles. I will also need to find some time to update the mod page just a bit to add new recipes to the crafting pages for the mod.

Snapshot version 1.0.5 | Oak Woodpiles

Snapshots for the Oak Woodpile will be released when its done

As a note now if you have been using snapshots you should note that we removed the old blocks in this upcoming snapshot so if you are planning to use this snapshot for your mod pack or server make sure you unstack any items used in the 1.0.0 version block as they will be removed.





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