More Blox 1.1.1 Apple Basket, Wicker

Snapshot 1.1.1

This snapshot starts development of 1.2.0 for MoreBlox, we will be adding six new blocks over the course to the next six weeks. Today however, we have added Apple Baskets and Wicker Items as well as got the foundation for the next six weeks done for models. We will be publishing up to snapshot 1.1.5 before 1.2.0. New blocks we will be adding are Apple Baskets, Beetroot Baskets, Carrot Baskets, Melon Baskets, Potato Baskets, and Wheat Baskets. We Will Also be adding two new Creative Tabs (MoreBlox Food and MoreBlox Misc)

Remember to back up your worlds before installing this snapshot. Snapshots are not intended for mod packs or servers and are focused towards previews for new content. Use at your own risk.


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We use (.zip) for Windows, Mac and Linux support.

More Blox 1.1.1 - Download


The full list of changes to the mod is below, since 1.1.0 most content will be added not removed, it should be safe in 1.2.0 to update without rollbacks or any issues regarding item loss. We still recommend backing up your world before any updates may it be snapshots or releases.

  • Added Wicker Rope Item Texture

  • Added Wicker Rope 3D Item Texture

  • Added Wicker Rope Model

  • Added Wicker Rope 3D Item

  • Added Wicker Rope Recipe (4 Tall grass blocks (Shapeless Recipe))

  • Added Wicker Rope As Fuel Source (100 Ticks or 5 seconds)

  • Added Wicker Item Texture

  • Added Wicker 3D Item Texture

  • Added Wicker Item Model

  • Added Wicker 3D Item

  • Added Wicker Recipe (4 Wicker Rope (Shapeless Recipe))

  • Added Wicker As Fuel Source (200 Ticks or 10 seconds)

  • Added Apple Basket Block Textures

  • Added Apple Basket Models

  • Added Basket Sounds 0, 1, and 2.

  • Added Apple Basket Blocks

  • Added Apple Basket Recipe (1 Apple and 6 Wicker)

  • Added Creative Tab More Blox Food

  • Added More Blox Block Help GUI

  • Added Key Bind To Open More Blox Block Help GUI (Default is M)

Next Week

Next week I will be working on beetroot baskets and adding an advancements system in place for the mod. The order of which I will be preforming the update is listed below.

  1. Apple Basket - Done

  2. Beetroot Basket

  3. Carrot Basket

  4. Melon Basket

  5. Potato Basket

  6. Wheat Basket

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