More Blox - Optimizations For 1.2.0

More Blox Minecraft mod Woodpiles
More Blox Woodpiles

Over the past while I have been learning more about modeling for Minecraft and how to take that skill and apply it to Cubik Studio. Over time I learn more that can make past models a bit better not just for looks but for optimization.

In 1.1.0 I did do some manual culling on blocks but from recent discovery, I have learned of faster ways of doing the same thing in one click of a button in Cubik Studio. 1.1.0 is not greatly optimized from what I can tell from applying automatic culling and automatic face removal, both things can help with performance.

So in 1.2.0 I will be optimizing old models going back in to the saves I have and culling and replacing the models by hand. This should help improve future performance for the mod and have better rendering for our models due to removing unused faces and culling all the sides of the meshes.

This will take some time and that why this week I will be updating all the models currently made for both 1.1.0 and 1.2.0. All newer models will use the automatic culling and face removal before exporting the model.

As a side note this has cleared up some of my questions regarding culling and face removal from the research I have done. Now I am able to make a better tutorial in the near future for Cubik Studio regarding performance and optimization.

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