The Architecture Mod

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Planed Not In Development Yet

First and for most, the mod is not being developed yet, I need to think about how things are going to work then testing is needed before I start making a massive mod with building blocks and all kinds of new 3D models.

However, I want to announce the idea at the bare minimum but before I go any further I want to state that because its still being planed there is a chance many things will be different from the ideas listed below so don't set high expectations, however I am open to suggestions and feedback rate now while I am still drawing up a plan for the mod.

So the mod will add new building blocks to assist players with building more complex builds that focus around architecture of all eras, medieval to modern. Some ideas for components are bridge supports and planks, palisade, roof blocks, maybe ramps (MAYBE), city street lamps and lights, and many other exterior components you may find in the real world. But rate now I need some feed back for all kind of building ideas in the comments of this post, let me know what you think I should add to the mod for building blocks. In the mean time I will plot how I will be working on the procedures and do some minor testing for some basic blocks. You will also still be getting updates for More Blox so don't worry about development stopping for that mod.

August 18th, 2019 update

I have run into some issues with the ramps, I was thinking about holding off on this particular mod and working on a biome mod with new structures and plants and custom features for each biome in stead. I have been testing some things out and have worked on it a bit on Friday and Saturday and got some stuff done but I want to hold off on any second mod for the time being until I have a lot to present people with. All I have to say is I plan to add the following elements for sure.

  • New Achievements

  • New Armor

  • New Biomes

  • New Blocks

  • New Flowers

  • New Food

  • New Fuel

  • New Items

  • New Mobs ( Maybe )

  • New Plants (vines, flowers and crops.)

  • New Recipes

  • New Structures & Dungeons.

  • New Tools & Weapons.

If you have any suggestions on what biomes I should add please let me know in the comments below. Some that I have planned are listed below.


  • Bog

  • Meadow

  • Sedge

  • Rainforest

  • Tropical


  1. Rocky

  2. Barren

  3. Abandoned

  4. Bleak


  1. Poisonous

  2. Toxic

  3. Acidic

  4. Rotting


  1. Scorched

  2. Arid

  3. Charred

  4. Fiery


  1. Sub-zero

  2. Arctic

  3. Frozen

  4. Icy


  1. Radioactive

  2. Gamma-Intensive

  3. Nuclear

  4. High Energy





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