More Blox 1.1.3 Basket Texture Update

Updated: Aug 19, 2019

About the update

This grateful Monday I have a small patch by request for baskets to have texture variety on the food its self. I have had to go back and update all the models I made prior, but it gives the mod some more character.

I made sure to optimize the blocks before exporting them. No new content was added just a small patch for textures. Next week I will be working on carrots to get that ready for the next update.

The last thing I have to say is due to how the modeling works and having to go back and update the textures and such and basically remaking the model I will be taking a week to two weeks in between each update to plan and open up the floor for feedback and suggestions. This way I can focus on putting the model to gather properly the fist time. Now with that said the next update will be focusing on pallets for storing larger and more heavy things for some stone like materials. In the next update 1.3.0 I will be working on the following blocks. Stone / Bricks / Cobblestone / Mossy Cobblestone / Sandstone and Red Sandstone. If you have any ideas or suggestion before I start work on the models please let me know below or in the next video for 1.2.0 release video.


  • Updated model for apples and beetroots baskets to add support for texture variants.

  • Added a maximum of three fruit textures for the baskets and all future baskets.

  • Cleaned up the beetroot texture a bit more.


You can download the snapshot from our MediaFire account.

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