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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Over the past week

I have been working on small patches to the website on and off. This past weekend i have made some headway with cleaning up the home page, header, footer, and about page.

I also have been adding more content to the about page and ended up making it a page for navigation to other informational pages like (communities, biography, content, and education).

I will be adding more pages in the future and may migrate some of the other pages to the about section such as the schedule and some others as well.

NorthWestTees Gaming home page.
Progress on the home page.

Lots to do still

I still have a lot of things to work on and it could be a few months before I push out an update. The Blog, Forums and Store will all still work without any issue, Wix has an editor that gives developers the option to save or publish, saving will save the progress where publishing makes it live.

I figure I will get most if not all pages a rework then publish the end result. I have been working on mobile a lot too and optimizing the layout so its easy to navigate and things like the blog articles are at the bottom of the page here navigation is at the top. I have been manually spacing out the content to it looks good on both mobile and desktop versions.

NorthWestTrees Gaming communities page
Communities page progress

More changes to come

Font for titles, forums and blogs have all been improved its all one kind of font now that is easy to read and. Its the same font as the small text in this paragraph here. I still have lots to do. I am trying my best to think where the best layout for all content should go and what would impact mobile or desktop and just trying to make sure all the content can be seen by all views on the website.

I have been taking time on each page planning that out and cleaning up the spacing between the sections. But overall its going to look a lot better than it dose now and to be honest it looks good now so it will look even better when its complete. Don't worry though its just the style that is changing all user data completely separate from the design and style of the website.

NorthWestTrees Gaming content page
Progress on the content page

Final notes

There is no set release date for this just yet, I have only a few pages competed and I have been working on this just over the weekend but I like the results and I will be focusing on this over the coarse of the upcoming weeks to get some more pages reworked. But I thought I would just let you guys see what I have worked on this weekend and give you some screenshots of the progress.





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