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Updated: Sep 19, 2019


Game Rating 61 / 100

If your into driving simulator games or even games that focus around business and management, this game may be a game you want to look at to buy. The game is not to much different from Euro Truck Simulator 2 and has vary similar graphics other than the game being in the United States and not Europe. I personal like this game, however, graphics and physics could have some more work done on the game.

American Truck Simulator Screenshots
Delivering goods to Wallbert!

Storyline and Progression

Rating 8 / 20

There is a mild storyline where you enter these small clips when you first start, the first one will be when you get your main building, also whenever you upgrade a building or buy a new one it will also show the cinematic clip. As far as progression its more on the side of making money build an enterprise and explore a new world and drive for many kinds of businesses in the world. You can also come across random events and get tickets for traffic violations.

American Truck Simulator Screenshots
Driving in Los Vegas near the Volvo dealer!

Graphics and GUI

Rating 14 / 20

Graphics are good, weather is extremely real in the cab it is self, There is room for improvements for textures on terrain and foliage but other than that the game graphics are wonderful and look very well done. The only other thing I noticed was the same person is driving all the cars on the road, It would be nice to have some variety as well as some more random vehicles on the road to give the game a bit more variety. Other than that I love the graphics.

American Truck Simulator Screenshots
Just woke up form a long night!

Sound and Music

Rating 12 / 20

Sounds can get loud like the truck engine and the startup sound for the game for the logo and such, however there is no real music sound other than the menu which the options for your business and stats, if you want to listen to music in game you can pick from a selection for streaming radio stations that are dedicated to playing music for the game. It makes the game feel a bit more realistic when driving and has real songs so its not always best for recording for YT.

American Truck Simulator Screenshots
Picking up a load of supplies!

Physics and Environment

Rating 10 / 20

This is where the area is rocky really. Like Euro Truck Simulator 2 the game lacks in showing truck damage when you crash into things, and AI for other vehicles are extremely unpredictable some of the time. However, the driving simulation is customization in the truck settings and is very good for truck simulator rate down to air breaks and some other features like stick shifts or automatic driving configuration, you can also upgrade your truck for more features too.

American Truck Simulator Screenshot
Driving down a one lane road!

Community and Content

Rating 17 / 20

As far as a community the developers are not too active spotlighting the community however they are active with showing a sneak peek content for upcoming DLC and have always been open to letting the community mod the game which is more than some game offer on steam sometimes. Overall I feel that they are in the right direction for becoming a good community role model for other games and I hope to see more community interaction in the future for the game.





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