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Updated: Sep 19, 2019


Game Rating 74 / 100

Cities Skylines is a grate game, one of my favorite games and one I have invested many dollars in for DLC and more. Many of the DLC are worth getting as it adds some extra spice to the game but is not required to play the game. Two of my favorite DLCs is Natural Disasters and Industries.

Cities Skylines Screenshot
Market and a avenue!

Storyline and Progression

Rating 5 / 20

Cities Skylines does not have an actual story line to follow however the main objective lime many city building games it to build a large city and not to go into debt. You can test your skills by buying DLC made by the game developers. The DLC adds extra things and some can make running a city easier or harder. Some of my favorite DLCs are Industries, Mass transit, and Natural Disasters. DLCs are not required for the game to run and are add-ons to the game.

Cities Skylines Screenshots
A forestry area looking at a city!

Graphics and GUI

Rating 18 / 20

The graphics are good, the game has high detail textures but the style of the game is more like toy cars but still maintains great graphics and detail. The user interface is ok, it's easy to find things you are looking for like service buildings and such. I do have my personal problems not being able to input or save colors for transit vehicles which is annoying and bugs me with my OCD but other than that the GUI is set up nicely and does not need any work done.

Cities Skylines Screenshots
A mining industry area with a fire truck!

Sound and Music

Rating 16 / 20

The game has ambient sounds when you zoom into the city streets and when you are further away from the city you can hear the wind. sounds can get a bit repetitive over time without music, however, the music is comical and funny with some of the ads on the radio stations, you can also get DLC to expand your radio stations if you wish to invest your money and help the developers with funding DLCs are a good way to support them with the development.

Cities Skylines Screenshots
Downtown round with a six lane street!

Physics and Environment

Rating 15 / 20

There is not much physics in the game, the game is more of a simulation game when it comes to dealing with traffic problems and figuring out how to best manage your money to fix city issue. The weather in the game can be deadly if you have natural disasters DLC and it will challenge you to deal with many kinds of issues, however, most things in the game are animations like buildings leveling up but it lacks like car collisions and random events like construction.

Community and Content

Rating 20 / 20

The developers have been more active in the community by spotlighting community members work. The game is customization using mods which can be done with a built-in asset. The developers have been more active and even opened up a new YouTube channel to promote mod creators. They seem to have a good community for creators, and the community is a great place to start creating mods for a community. You can also make custom maps to play on.





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