Rethinking More Blox

The Issue

The main problem that I am having to develop this mod is that it takes far to much time to link ever model rotation to the proper blockstate to store data.

I need a way that still give the mod a designs you fell in love with but takes less time to develop and come out with updates. A system that uses far less resources for models allowing fore more complex designs and allowing more focus on making this mod a better one.

The Solution

I have been testing and now that we have block rotation I can use that to my advantage while I will have to dump the idea to update the visual storage method I will be able to intragrate block inventory. Some things that I can do rather than just add inventory slots is restrict the block which should be placed in the inventory. For example the block above would be good for acacia logs only.

This will save so much more time working on the mod, and allow development to go faster as I can focus on modeling and texturing more. If you are wondering how many procedure one block took prior to this new system there was 40 block states per block multiply that by 2 for every procedure I needed to code in to update the block state and that's how much one block took to work on. This new system only will require a one GUI, Block, and Procedure to make it work. I would love to hear your feedback and suggestions below. I have plans to use the model shown in this tutorial for this system in the new more blox mod. One thing I should mention is that the old mod will have a different mod ID than the new one, it used to be called storage_blox or something close, it will now be more_blox for the new updated version coming out soon.

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