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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Sep 1st, 2019

Many of the pages have been completed, lots of work has been put into each page. I will be working more on this during the upcoming week, and I should have a release out soon enough some time late September to October. I have hit some bumps along the way but for the most part its nothing that I can't figure out and find alternate ways of doing things.

Lots optimization for mobile and I have made it to the More Blox section of the website so I now need to focus on what kind of content I will have on the website for the mod and so on. I will keep you guys posted next week with another update. but overall its looking great and I think everyone will like the new changes.

Sep 13th, 2019 Update

I just wanted to fill you guys in on the progress of the website since the last update. I have most of the pages complete now, I have been mostly working on updating the site on the weekends, however, I don't think that I will have it done for September, not that I was aiming to get it done this month.

As you can see from the updated photo the website is a lot cleaner, easier to find content and easier to read. I have been on the current site recently to update a forum topic for suggestions for MCreator and I have noticed the improvement for the new site compared to the old site defiantly.

I still have members pages to do and I think one or two stray pages that still need my attention before I can publish the website. I also want to take a few days extra to make any finalizing adjustments to any pages that could use the extra love.

As you know the hole site has been reworked from the ground up, navigation has been improved and the overall style has a much cleaner feel to it now. I have also been going over every page and making sure it looks good on mobile view too. If any pages did not work great on mobile devices with the screen width of 300 pixels then this update should fix any pages not optimized. I have been using some HTML code widgets for some more advanced features that WIX does not have implemented that also looks good on mobile.

The more work I put in to the site the less time I will need to work on it in the near future. I will be able to clone any pages I already have made and it should stay optimized for the most part for mobile and desktop. Any new layouts will need to be designed again but for the most part all previous pages should still work fine.

Sep 15th, 2019 Update

I have been very productive on the website this weekend, I managed to get the last of the pages updated to the new style and optimized for both mobile and desktop versions. If you want to test the latest build out and provide some feedback before Friday when I have plans to publish it you can use the following link to view the unpublished version that I have been working on. DEMO CLOSED

Fore things I still need to work on are very small. I have taken the time to make sure that the pages are optimized for mobile along the way and the pages have the same theme, I also checked if the pages have proper URLs set up some may be different than they where before. I did not keep track to well of what URLs I changed some I have redirected to the new URL but some may not work. However its easy now to find what your looking for on the site, and I can now easily add on to my pages by cloning existing pages which will take less work to update the content.

The only pages that are still technicality under development are some of the More Blox pages on the wiki section other than than the site is good to go and will be public on Friday the 20th.

Last Update

I have worked on the website some more and fix some image display issues as well as links not working on some side navigation tabs. The site is in a stable condition and will be published on Friday the 20th of September 2019. You can view the website with the new unpublished version below until the site is live. DEMO CLOSED





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