Spotlight More Blox Plank Piles

Minecraft mod More Blox Plank Piles
All Plank Piles for More Blox Minecraft Mod

More Blox Wiki Pages

So while we have been working on our website we have been testing out a wiki page layout and we needed content to be able to make sure all our content will fit on these pages. So we have been working on updating the More Blox mod and making new models and adding support for 1.14 textures while we model our new models.

Minecraft Mod More Blox Inventory for medium plank piles
Inventory for medium plank piles

Block and Inventory Sizes

We have been working hard at adding support for inventory sizes and block sizes. Every block has three models one for each inventory size. There are 27 for large storage blocks, 18 for medium storage blocks and 9 for small storage blocks. We have also added some decoration on medium and small inventory where no slots are placed to fill up some dead space left in the GUI window. Right-clicking the block will open the inventory.

Minecraft Mod More Blox Small Plank Pile Rotation
Small Plank Pile Rotation

Rotation And Fuel

We have also integrated rotation for all blocks, and have made wood blocks act as fuel sources. Rotation is on player side and will rotate on the Y axis (north, east, south, west). All blocks will have rotation built in like this but may not be a fuel source. We will be working on woodpiles next for the mod and posting another spotlight on that particular block.

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