Plans for a New Channel Logo

Planing for the Future

Back when I made the current logo with the letter N, I had gotten inspiration from another creator's channel which I am no longer subscribed to on my personal YouTube channel.

The it was a different letter with a ball in the middle like my N logo however, over the years I have attempted to come up with my own original logo and have failed many times.

I took some time to think about the one most important thing... (The channel name). My channel is based off of the two main things My geological location and my love for the nature and most importantly trees.

When I had some time to think about the two things the most I came up with the logo above for the new channel and website logo. I used to live in Chilliwack BC where there was mountains every where you looked and the primary tree in BC is Douglas Fir on the southern part of BC however we have a diverse ecosystem with other trees such as Pacific Dogwood, Garry Oak, Trembling Aspen, Lodgepole Pine, Yellow Cedar and more.

The Inspiration of the New Logo

The new logo will be my representation of the Douglas Fir the tree we find commonly around on the southern part of the province. And my other inspiration has come from spending a decade in Chillwack waking up and going on a morning brisk walk and seeing the many mountains every day.

When it will Take Place

I will be leaving the logo up until January 1st, 2020. This will give people some time to provide feedback on this post, by email or in a news video we will be making some time in October. We would love to here your thoughts on the new logo.

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