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Textures for MCreator seeds for plants

Hello fellow creators. I have been putting together some plans to make downloadable content of textures to help people create awesome mods with non vanilla textures. Each texture will be hand made by my self and will be available on my websites store page. I will be making small texture packs which consists of 9 textures covering one topic for example seeds. I could use some input on a reasonable price for the nine textures I have made as I am not sure what people would be willing to buy custom textures for like the one on the left. The price will be in Canadian Dollars my country's currency. Textures take time to make and a lot of the content comes from my own head.

Purchased textures will give you the right to use the textures for commercial use however not to distribute the textures without using it in a MCreator mod or a Minecraft resource pack. You do not need to give credit to us, but if you wish to give credit you are welcome to give credit for the textures in any way or form.

I have observed many MCreator mods and I notice that not everyone is good at designing custom textures like the one above, some people where using texture I had made in the tutorials for MCreator and as much as I don't rely approve of people using textures without consent, I did notice that there was a demand for higher quality textures that where not vanilla textures. If you wish to submit feedback on a price you can submit it to our Google Form below and we will build our price off of the feedback provided.

Submit Price Feedback:

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