Block Bench Tutorial Series

Booting the Series

Its been a long wait, but behind the scenes I have been working on learning the program on my spare time (not much time) to prepare a video series structure for Block Bench for creating mobs in MCreator.

What we will be Covering

So the outline has been made, I will be using pain dot net to do the texture editing you can watch that series here. As far as the things we will be covering will be basic program usage all the way to exporting and using the .java model in MCreator.

  1. Introduction

  2. Naming and Saving

  3. Basic Interface

  4. Controls and Modeling

  5. Grouping and Elements

  6. Textures and Mapping

  7. Exporting and using in MCreator

Release and Schedule

The release date will be aside the MCreator tutorial for the week, so on Tuesdays. I will only be publishing once a week, therefor the series will take seven weeks to complete. I will be focusing mainly on mobs in this series however I may add on to the series at a later date to explain blocks and items.

Final Notes

I feel that I have had enough time to explore the program and lean some key features of the program to help others learn how to make custom mobs for MCreator. So far I have found Block Bench to have the least issues when creating mobs for MCreator. Cubik Studio is great for blocks but lacks support for entities like mobs. My end goal is to help the community expand their Harrison and create even better content in the community.

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