Rotation Solved for More Blox

Minecraft More Blox Mod Plank Piles

Custom Block Rotation:

I asked Klemen the founder of Pylo about how to rotate a block based on the player direction. He was a great help to teach me how to use the built in rotation feature, I will be coming out with a tutorial on this on Tuesday, Oct 8th, 2019. This will help to teach people how to test for player direction in procedures.

Some Things Still need Planning:

As much as I wish I could say I have figured out everything to make this mod great there is still a lot of work I still need to do, everything from, How many rotations I will be doing 2 or 4 rotations. Do I make the states dynamic in size or do I make then a static number, as this will effect the development process a large some.

Avoiding one Flaw:

The last thing I am trying to avoid is having the block state with nothing in them, I want to have the mod to have nice models like in the last blog post with different size which may also be part of the block states. Some of these key features will vary based on the rotations I make, if its only two rotations I can put more effort in to the amount of block states in the block which will store more items.

Final Notes:

I am not sure when I will have a working prototype made, I need to ask Klemen about if there is a way to test for multiple number for the same items. This will make storing items a lot better in the long run and if there is not support for it yet I would like to wait until support is added.

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