Biome Creation: Part 1

So you want to make a biome but not sure where to start? You have come to the right place! I have some experience now with making biomes like the one above. In this blog series I will be showing you several tips and tricks to take a basic biome to add custom grass and dirt, ores, prop generation, and foliage generation as well as making custom trees using leaves in your own mod. My advice is to take a screen shot as you go of each stage you work on new content, the more you have the more you will appreciate the hard work you put into the mod over a long period of time. I should note now this is not a day project, you will be spending lots of time texturing, modeling and testing, as well as going back and changing some issues that you may find not fitting in the biome. The full list of topics I will be covering are below.

You can click the part number below to go to that post when its available.

  • Part 1: Introduction

  • Part 2: Biome Creation / Fresh canvas!

  • Part 3: Adding Custom Trees

  • Part 4: Adding Grass and Grass Density

  • Part 5: Adding Block Props

  • Part 6: Adding Flowers & Plants

  • Part 7: Adding Structures / Level designing

  • Part 8: Adding Sugarcane or Cactus (Advanced Plants)

  • Part 9: Adding Mushrooms (Advanced Block Props)

  • Part 10: Making Dungeons (Advanced Structures)

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