Tutorial Schedule Change!

A Quick Update!

I have done a poll on if people would watch tutorials for MCreator that looks at specific things like block settings and procedure blocks. I wanted to know if there was a demand on shorter videos that explain more about specific features.

It turns out there is a supper high demand for this kind of thing. I already have a green light from Pylo to make the videos. Out of 144 votes over one day I have 85% of people saying yes they would watch it, 15% of people saying maybe they would watch it, and 1% of people saying no they would not watch these tutorials.

Currently I have Tuesdays for updating older videos and Fridays for making new content. My idea for the new schedule is simple...


Update videos will be moved to Friday's, and Tuesdays will now be alternating videos for Procedure Blocks and Element settings.

  • Procedure Blocks: Will now cover how to use procedure elements, how to use them, information about what they do and how to set them up.

  • Element Settings: Will now cover how to use mod element settings like what block "hardness" does how to use it and other valuable resources for making your mods.

  • Week 1: Procedure Blocks

  • Week 2: Element Settings


Friday's videos will now alternate between New Projects and Updating Tutorials.

  • Updating Tutorials: Will now cover smaller tutorials as well as major projects I have done in the past or any tutorials that need updating for MCreator.

  • New Projects: Will cover new ideas and content that I have not done yet, things like community suggestions and other major projects.

  • Week 1: Update Tutorials

  • Week 2: New Projects

The Public poll can be found here.

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