Custom Village Tutorial Series for MCreator

Updated: Feb 18, 2020

Hello guys and welcome to a new blog post, I know that its been a while since I posted something for MCreator, but here I am. I am coming out with a few part series on how to make a village from scratch. People have suggested this tutorial over and over again, and as much as it looks like I have pushed it to the side, I needed to figure out in my brain how I could achieve something on this scale.

Most of the time I would look at how Minecraft works then figure out how I could do this in MCreator, however, its harder to find exactly how Mojang gets villages to spawn without looking in the source code there fore, its taken me a bit longer to figure out the steps plan it out and then prep this world above with some structures that we will start the mini series off with.

So your probably wondering when this series will take place, good news, its going to start on the 18th of this month so Feb 18th, 2020, it will then take few weeks to complete the series from start to finish.

The schedule for the series will be like its shown below.

  1. Structure Building and Rotation How to build you structures and prepare them for village uses - Introduction - Making Structures - Naming Structures Tuesday the 18th, 2020

  2. Advanced Structure Building How to fix some issues with structure spacing - Structure Folder - Loot Tables - Entities Friday the 21st, 2020

  3. Structure Spawn Blocks How to make a block to spawn the structures - Making structure blocks - Making structure filler blocks - Making filler structures - Finishing structures - Some procedure work Tuesday the 25th, 2020

  4. Path Building with Path Spawn Blocks Making paths and adding some Structure Spawn Blocks. - Making path spawn blocks - Making paths for structures - Adding structure spawn blocks - Adding path spawn blocks - Naming Paths Friday the 28th, 2020

  5. Advanced Path Building How to fix issues with paths and generation issues. - Making path filler blocks - Making path filler structures - Finishing paths - Some procedure work Tuesday the 3rd, 2020

  6. City Center Building How to make a City Center structure. - Making a city center structure (well) - Making a city center filler structure - Adding path blocks - Naming City Centers Friday the 6th, 2020

  7. City Spawners How to make a Village Spawner Block and Structure. - Making a city spawner block - Procedure work - Structure settings and generation - Setting up the procedures for mod use Tuesday the 10th, 2020

  8. Testing and Post Editing Testing the structure and how to edit the structure generation after the procedures are set up. - Testing world generation - Deactivating procedures from spawner blocks for further editing - Final notes Friday the 13th, 2020

With that being said I have only built one rotation for each building and I will be covering the first thing you will need to do which will get you started. On that note, I will be off to do some more testing and prep work.

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