Next Season and Schedule Change

Hello, NWT Gaming community! Today I have an important announcement for everyone that watches my videos. Next season's regular content will be changing a bit, I will be dropping two videos for the gameplay content, so I have more time to record content and do hopefully better editing.

With a decrease of videos per week for regular content, we won't be able to record to series at the same time. However, we will be able to progress a bit more in the game we pick for the season for two reasons. The first reason is I will be recording more clips so I can cut out less important parts and only keep the better stuff, so we get more progression that way. The second thing is we will be recording three videos per week for one series, so depending on the seasons will get around 36 - 39 videos per season.

One thing I also should mention is that MCreator tutorials will stay the same. So will the bonus videos for the PickIT series too, so to keep it simple, the regular content will be affected. To recap on some of the pros and cons of what will be changing. I have created a list below.


  • We will have more time to play the game.

  • We will have two fewer videos to record per week.

  • I will have more time to work on my editing skills.

  • Series will have faster game progression.


  • We lose the ability to record two series per season.

  • I will have to work on more editing per time recorded.

  • The quality of the videos may be the same until I learn new techniques for editing.

So one last thing to end on, we will be playing No Mans Sky for Fall 2020. No Mans Sky has been, planned for some time, and I originally planned to record Prison Architect, but I felt that we should play this game as there have been some updates since the last time we played, and I feel inspired to work on our game progression from season one.

If you have any feedback, or questions feel free to comment on the post below. I will be coming out with a video soon to explain the same thing and answer any questions that will be, posted below.

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