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Updated: Sep 19, 2019

Hello everyone, I just want to announce something great! I have just released a new channel trailer for new subscribers. Additionally, it may have some spoilers in the video content.


I worked hard all weekend (on my time off) on this special video. The trailer presents the channel better than the old one did. The former channel trailer was from 2017. Renewing the trailer has been on my bucket list of things to do. I have not been able until now to find the time and motivation to create this new trailer.

In the last trailer, I had some spelling errors. It only listed a few kinds of content I intend to create now. I have many things planned for future content on the channel. I talk about some of the things in the trailer.


As someone that is still moderately new with YouTube. I have self-taught my self how to work in the film industry. I have learned how to record, edit, narrate, upload and publish just to name a few things. My work days last eight hours for one video. I have not felt motivated to renew the trailer because of the long work hours.

Saying it that way appears if my day is only eight hours, this is not true. I also work on Mondays and Fridays on the bonus content for the Monday videos. Fridays and Mondays are long days for working because the bonus content needs its own attention on those days.


2019 is going to be a great year. We will be doing much more things on the channel. I just want to thank you all for supporting the channel and for building such an awesome community. I would not have been able to do it without you. Thank you all for making the last two years great!





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