Upcoming Changes to the Site

I just want to give you guys the heads up that I will be working on reworking the news page, the main page will be working as a official feed and the URL will be changed from.




also news pages will be changed from




I will be implementing a beta version of a new navigation system using the table system however I will be cleaning it up so there will only be a maximum of two tables per page, one for the general page navigation and the other one for dynamic page navigation. This will hopefully speed up finding places on the website as its becoming a pretty big site now. I will be working on getting the page up and running this weekend.

On a side note I would love feedback when its updated. I will also be moving the navigation from the left side to the right side as it will help organize it for the mobile version of the website. Anyhow just the heads up for changes coming to the news page and the news article in the near future.

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