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A Minecraft sun rise in Real Time Mod

Real Time Mod

Latest Forge Build

Download the latest release for the Forge modding platform

The Real-Time Modification adds some neat little features that can make your Minecraft single-player, multi-player and LAN worlds some extra spice. The modification adds real-life calendars and supports both northern and southern hemisphere systems.


The date and time match the host of the world, on multiplayer this will be the server time for the single player will be your computer time. The time of the day in the worlds in your game will change based on the time it is for your computer. The mod works by calculating the time and then matching the game time ticks with the actual clock making it follow the same time for the host's computer. 

A Calendar for the Minecraft Real Time Mod

Real-life Calendar

General Information

The calendar runs on the server side, meaning where ever the game is being run from the date of that computer will be displayed. Some basic information like the days, seasonal events, and dates and times are displayed on the calendar screen.

Event Markers

Real-Life Events

The calendar has several common events that have static dates that are commonly known in North America.

These events will update when the date changes to a new month a icon that represents the event will be next to the number of the day.

World Creation Date

Also one of the core features of the calendar is the creation date, this will show next to the calendar number or other events when the Minecraft map was created. This can be nice for servers or single-player worlds alike.

Mod Support

Serene Seasons

Release 1.4.0 introduced support for Serene Seasons modification by Glitchfiend.

Seasons will now take control over seasons based on the hemisphere and season type.

A new command has been added /realtimemod season type <set/get> [set type]

The options for seasons are below.

  • Astronomical Season (Default)

  • Meteorological Season

  • Solar Season (Celtic)

Planned Features

Temperature System

One of the things I want to add is a temperature system. Though with Fabric support this will need to be done per world not regional.

Weather System

Another thing that would be part of temperature would be the weather system. Even more so I want to try to add support for 

Other Possibilities
  • Wind speed and wind direction.

  • Time speed control

  • Custom calendar events.

  • Seasonal Weather.

  • Seven-day forecast.

  • Speed settings for Kilometers/Miles.

  • Community suggestions if they are possible.

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