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Our schedule is dynamic, however, I do upload almost every day during the week days on my YouTube channel. With that being said I do have a structure for what I record and this page will update contently to let you guys know what I have planned for the season any delays or other important notices for the channel and community. Below you will find some more information on content I record followed by a schedule of what I am working on at the moment followed by season information and other useful information about our channel and community.


The regular content is our gaming content, this changes every season or so, and generally lasts about 33 episodes for the season. I record the content that I feel inspired to play at the start of the new season when it comes time to start recording. I do some planning before hand but its just a rough draft of what will be the end goal more then a set type of content. I try to switch up the games a bit too just so everyone gets a bit of something they like, with that said it is a gaming channel and I try to focus a lot of time on gaming as that's the type of channel it is for, MCreator is also gaming related but is secondary on my list of things I have to record even though its the most constant content I record.


The MCreator content I make is a collaboration with Pylo (MCreator developers channel), I create tutorials to teach people how to use the software to take a lot of work for Pylo off in return for the videos being sponsored in a playlist. We both get something out of the deal and I get to make videos that I enjoy creating. The MCreator community has grown a lot and most of my subscribers are part of the MCreator community, with that being said the content I make is a health line to the channel at the current time of posting this information the channel will struggle without me uploading MCreator content.


The current season I am recording for is Fall 2020 for the regular content. I will be publishing No Man's Sky in the fall on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays.

MCreator tutorials will alternate between weeks but all four kinds of content are uploaded depending on the week Procedure Tutorials & New Content for week one and Element Tutorials and Update Content for week two. On Tuesdays and Fridays.


I live in Canada BC so my time zone is (-8 GMT) videos are manually published during my active hours during the days they need to be published, this means some of my viewers are getting content a day late.

My active hours is between 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM (-8 GMT) I trey to get the content out as fast as I can with allowing YouTube to have a few hours to process the 4k videos which can take up to a couple hours to do fully.

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