My channel is very community oriented when it comes to what content will be published. I do my best to learn more advanced skills in video editing when I have time. I currently record tutorials and gameplay content every season and work on a alternated weekly schedule. Regular content is my main gameplay (let's play) series where tutorials or twice a week. I also push out small bonus videos ever so often when I have the energy to work a bit harder to push out an extra video however this normally dose not require me to voice record in most cases. On my YouTube channel under the community section members may vote for what content they want to see next and receive important announcements regarding the channel.


Every season I record footage of me playing some games in series. These series range between 36 and 39 episodes per season. As of January 11th, 2021 content is community based meaning that the community has the chance to vote for what they want to see me play next. The vote happens just before I finish recording the last few videos for the season which gives me about a month time in advance to start working on recording an editing the new series chosen by the community. I have around one month of videos saved up for the active series incase I must take time off for unforeseen reasons, this ensures that videos are still published for up to one month.


Twice a week I come out with edicautional videos for programs and games which provides the community with useful tips and resources for all kinds of content. I have made many kinds of tutorials in the past. I am currently working on MCreator tutorials but will be dividing the weeks in half to so I can do tutorials for a branch of MCreator called MCToolkit. These tutorials will be like MCreator still but under a different development team adding features. Long term wise I hope to expand to other kinds of content like game tutorials and more but I am currently focused on just Minecraft 


In the future I hope to expand to other kinds of content related to games, for example game reviews, spotlights and produce music on my music channel. At the moment I have reached my capacity for what I am able to do in a season and per week without burning out from exhaustion, I hope that in the long term I can grow the channel enough where I can invest some of the money back into the channel to have someone do the editing for me. But currently the channel is not making enough money to fairly pay someone to do the editing for me. However with that aside I would be able to almost double the content I am currently publishing at the moment.


I live in Canada BC so my time zone is (-8 GMT) videos are manually published during my active hours during the days they need to be published, this means some of my viewers are getting content a day late.

My active hours is between 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM (-8 GMT) I trey to get the content out as fast as I can with allowing YouTube to have a few hours to process the 4k videos which can take up to a couple hours to do fully.