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Ye Old Oak

Coming Soon!

Ye Old Oak is a Minecraft modification for Minecraft Forge that adds loads of new advanced features such as dynamic doors, dynamic bridges, rope ladders, and much, much more!

The modification is currently in the early stages of development and will take some time to progress with the selected core features I have planned for the mod.

If you have suggestions feel free to share them on the GitHub Discussions tab.


Planned Features

Dynamic Doors

Doors that can be any size.

Zombie Workers

A Safe Zombie that works in special buildings that the player can place down in the world.

Zombie Work Buildings

Special buildings that can be placed down in your world that can support Zombie Workers to perform tasks eg. "Zombie Mine"

Grappling Hooks

A range item that can shoot grappling hooks and spawn rope.

Dynamic Bridges

A bridge can be any length or width that can be placed using one block.


A new kind of farming block that can grow all kinds of crops and can be used for decoration or functionality.

Tavern Food & Drinks

More food and drinks as well as a new mechanic for thirst.

Rope Ladders

Dynamic ladders drop down when placed like ladders but support hanging blocks.

Community Suggestions

Open to community suggestions.

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