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A mideival settlement growing hops with pine and maple trees in the distance

Contact Us


This email is for business inquiries for the YouTube NorthWestTrees community network which contains Gaming, MCreator, Projects and Music channels. Send us an email!

Email use: 

As owner of NorthWestTrees Gaming, I have gotten many emails regarding help with the MCreator modding community for Minecraft. Some of the time it's requests for support other times it's collaboration on projects. Though I appreciate the community reaching out, I don't wish for people to try to seek help or ask questions via email. The email should be for business inquiries, not a way to get help for MCreator.

MCreator support: 

If you need support for MCreator, MCreator has a great community forum where you can reach out to other members. Or if you have a general question you may ask on one of my MCreator videos on my NorthWestTrees Gaming channel. I reply to all new comments across all my channels so this would be a valid way to ask your questions. We also have a forum on this website where you can reach out to the community. There is a good chance I will reply if I notice it.


Owner: Kieran G. W. Martin

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