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NorthWestTrees Gaming


Our discord server is a good place to interact with other community members and have a good time. We have three main categories for our communities: MCreator, Treasure and Chests Minecraft server, and one for our YouTube gaming channel. Everyone is welcome to join and be part of the growing NorthWestTrees Gaming community. We hope to see you soon! You can use the permanent link below to join the server anytime you wish. The server is hosted on the east coast of North America.



The server is always up but I am not always on. I need breaks too ya know, So the hours I may be on are listed below. Time is in (-8 GMT) Pacific Time Standard. I will be on to help people with questions for all categories and help moderate the server.


  • Monday: 3 PM - 6 PM

  • Tuesday: 3 PM - 6 PM

  • Wednesday: 3 PM-6 PM

  • Thursday: 3 PM - 6 PM

  • Friday: 3 PM - 6 PM

Discord Server Rules

Please read the discord server rules on this page here.