About Discord

Discord is a service that gives communities a place to connect with their fans, post announcements and news, share content such as images, videos, websites and documents. Discord is a good place for community help and sometimes even help from the creators of the discord. The legal age for using discord is 13 years old or older, you must have a discord account in order to access our discord servers listed below. You will find the rules channels on every server listing what our discord server rules are. Everyone is welcome to join any of our communities listed below. See you soon!


NWTG Community Discord

This is the official community discord server for NorthWestTrees Gaming. Everyone is welcome to join so long as your legal age to be using Discord. This is a good source for community help for MCreator and showcasing your artwork, music and video content. Join us when ever you like and become part of the ever growing community!

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NWTG Mods Discord

This is the official discord server for NWTG mods for games I own. I post announcements regarding development notes, changes, and future plans on some of the things I have been working on. This is a good place to discuss NWTG mods and connect with the develops of them.

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MCToolkit Community Discord

This is the official MCToolkit discord server for the ever growing community that is working on continuing MCreator's development. Take part in contests, show off your cruentations and get help from other community members. Everyone is welcome to join as long as your legal age to be using discord.

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