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CCTV Craft is a Minecraft modification made with the open-sourced software called MCreator. The modification allows players to view locations remotely by linking camera blocks to monitors. Though this mod has many other features it is most well known for the camera part of the modification.

CCTV Craft Chain Fences
mod content
Unique crafting resources

CCTV Craft has many unique crafting resources for crafting all kinds of tech in the modification. Each unique feature has its unique resource.

Camera blocks

CCTV Craft also has three kinds of camera blocks which can be linked to Monitor blocks which then can teleport the player to them to view the location remotely.

Security fences

One of CCTV Craft's early features was a chain link finance which can have barbed wire blocks placed on top of the fence. Fences also are climbable.

Signal jammer

Signal Jammers can block camera signals to prevent players from using specific cameras. These blocks can be turned on or off remotely.

Controllable drones

Currently, the modification uses blocks as the base mechanics for drones, however, soon they will use entities as the base system to allow smoother controls for them.

Alarm systems

The modification also has support for an alarm system which can be toggled. Later on, I plan to expand this system to allow support for sensors and other trigger types that can toggle these blocks on.

CCTV Craft Monitors
mod faq
Will this mod get updates for Minecraft Forge?

Once CCTVCraft 4.9.0 is released this mod will not get updates for Forge anymore. The mod will be migrating to NeoForge which is a version of Minecraft Forge which the mod will be remade from the ground up.

Is the mod open-sourced?

No, I never intended to make the source code public for this mod. The mod was the first of its kind in the MCreator community at the time I made it and I am not willing to part with the time or work I have spent making this mod's code.

Can I still report a bug for this version?

You may report it but unless it's on the version for NeoForge it will not be fixed. It would be required to maintain two versions which takes time out of development though reporting the issue can still let others know about it so I do encourage opening bug reports on this version even though I won't fix them for this version of the mod.

When will the NeoForge version be released?

Development will start once 4.9.0 has been released, though I have been working on a few bug fixes and final requests from the community regarding mod packs which will bring the mod to a conclusion for Minecraft Forge. Once this version is published I will be remaking the mod from the ground up in a new workspace and keeping the workspace cleaner so that it's easier to maintain and develop long-term.

CCTV Craft Cameras
mod known issues
High Ticks Per Second (TPS)

There has been a report in which I was able to confirm that the mod has high TPS or ticks per second sadly I was not able to narrow down the cause and there may be more than one root problem with TPS. It's something to keep in mind when using this version of the mod. I will be keeping a closer eye on the TPS when I remake the mod for NeoForge when the time comes in hopes I can prevent this from happening again.

mod legal stuff
Credits for the mod!


All assets and ideas are original pieces of work made by me.
The mod has taken years to develop and lots of time I have put into it.

Non-associated credits!


The mod is made using MCreator an open source mod generator.

Minecraft Forge

This is the Mod Loader/API MCreator used for this version of the mod.


The soul creators of the game Minecraft.

mod changelog
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mod bug reports
Report bugs to the GitHub issue tracker!

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