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CCTV Craft

CCTV Craft is a Minecraft Modification. Whether you want to spy on your friend's house on a server, or you want to keep an eye on your village, Our mod will provide you the tools to watch whatever you want anywhere you want.


Chain Electric Fences & Fences

Adds a new fence type.

Remote Viewing Capability

You can view cameras from monitors or drones through drone controllers remotely without needing to leave your location.


There are three kinds of camera blocks each with its own rotation, and position for viewing.

Block Permissions

Extra security with user name support, this allows you to control who can use the blocks.

Camera Overlays

Camera overlays show useful information about the camera such as its distance, custom effects such as night vision and other unique features.


It is now possible to control drones and preform drone warfare or even use drones as building assistants to reach hard-to-get locations. Mining diamonds have never been easier with the mine block action.


Jammers can block camera and drone signals from reaching the player, this block will turn off any cameras or drones within a range of where its placed, allowing for some base protection from your nasty spying friends.

Barbed Wire

Barbed wire has also added a block that deals damage to mobs and players that try to walk though the block, it is based on movement so the more you move the more damage you take.

Planned Features

A list of planned features for the modification.


List Of Planned Features

  • Tracking System

  • Proximity Scanner

  • Turrets and Weapons

  • Alarm & Alarm System

  • First Aid Kits & Fabric

  • Explosives & Metal Detectors

  • And More To Come

NWTG Modification License Agreement

By downloading the modification you agree to the following terms of use.


✅ Mod Packs
You can use the modification in mod packs.

✅ Private Use
You can use the modification for your own personal enjoyment.

✅ Commercial Use - Limited
You may use the modification for promotional purposes sole long as it does not ruin the modification brand or the brand of Minecraft, or MCreator.

🚫 Selling, Trading or Gaining
You may not make any profit from this item, or gain anything from deals between you and another person. With the only exception, you are allowed to monetize videos on YouTube or other services while using the features in the modification.

🚫 Reposting. Publishing, and Distribution
You may not distribute or report the modification on any other sites without direct permission from the creator.

🚫 The use to Devalue Brands
You may not use the content in a way directly designed to devalue the Modification, Mojang, Microsoft, Minecraft, NorthWestTrees Gaming, Pylo, MCreator, or any products, services, or partners connected with these brands.

🚫 Patents, Stocks and Ownership
You may not claim ownership of the modification through patents, stocks, or any other means of claiming ownership of the modification.

🚫 Malicious Use
Using the modification in a way to cause people's property any harm whether temporary or permanent is strictly forbidden.

❓ Contact us for other uses
Please send us an email to ask for permission if the use is not listed above.


Official Download Sources

Minecraft Forge 1.18.2
Downloads can be found on the official GitHub via the pages below.

Download the latest version from

Download general use versions from

Download both development and general use versions from

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