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CCTV Craft

About the modification

CCTV Craft is a Minecraft modification made with the open-sourced software called MCreator. The modification allows players to view locations remotely by linking camera blocks to monitors. Though this mod has many other features it is most well known for the camera part of the modification.

CCTV Craft Chain Fences

Added features

Unique crafting resources

CCTV Craft has many unique crafting resources for crafting all kinds of tech in the modification. Each unique feature has its unique resource.

Camera blocks

CCTV Craft also has three kinds of camera blocks which can be linked to Monitor blocks which then can teleport the player to them to view the location remotely.

Security fences

One of CCTV Craft's early features was a chain link finance which can have barbed wire blocks placed on top of the fence. Fences also are climbable.

Signal jammer

Signal Jammers can block camera signals to prevent players from using specific cameras. These blocks can be turned on or off remotely.

Controllable drones

Currently, the modification uses blocks as the base mechanics for drones, however, soon they will use entities as the base system to allow smoother controls for them.

Alarm systems

The modification also has support for an alarm system which can be toggled. Later on, I plan to expand this system to allow support for sensors and other trigger types that can toggle these blocks on.

CCTV Craft Monitors

Planned features

Drone entities

The next major change will be to migrate drone blocks to drone entities which will have smoother flying mechanics. Though this has many unique challenges to overcome from having to remake the drone model, to having to redesign the entire mechanics for dynamic coordinates, it has taken some time to get progress done for this one update.

More offensive gear

One thing we want to add is more gear for people to go on the offensive when. We added signal jammers but we want to add more tools to allow people more ways of bypassing the security system.

More defensive gear

Another thing I want to add is more things to allow for defending bases, each thing should have its offensive weakness.

Advanced tech

One good idea is to have advanced tech for the modification, technology that can be more advanced and allow some new sci-fi features to the modification.

Patrol drones

These drones use AI to patrol around the base to set locations the player decides to set. They can be armed with defence features which can allow drones to take down specific targets the player configures.

Auto turrets

Auto turrets are similar to Patrol drones but stationary objects that can shoot projectiles to defend the base from attacks.

Armour and weapons

New armour and weapons will give a unique multiplayer experience. From things that can stun entities to bulletproof vests, there will be many quine systems that expand this mod's capabilities.

Prisoner system

A system that can work similarly to cops and robbers but allows players to capture people make them go to secure cells and such. This will take time to plan and figure out but is something I want to try to implement.

CCTV Craft Cameras

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